Abandoned homes across Melbourne left to rot amid housing crisis


Abandoned homes across Melbourne are being left to rot in the midst of a housing crisis, with one young family having no other option but to live next door to a squatter’s dumping ground, infested with rodents. The family, who wished to remain anonymous, told reporters that they had been living in the area for over two years and had seen an increase in the number of abandoned homes in their neighbourhood. They said that many of these homes were left empty by their owners and had become havens for squatters and drug users.

The family also reported seeing rats running around inside some of the abandoned homes, as well as piles of rubbish and discarded furniture outside them. They said that it was not only a health hazard but also a safety concern for their children.

This is just one example of how Melbourne’s housing crisis has led to an increase in abandoned homes across the city. With prices soaring and rental vacancies at an all-time low, many people are unable to afford or find suitable accommodation. This has resulted in more people turning to squatting as a way of finding shelter.

The Victorian government has been working hard to address this issue by introducing new laws which make it easier for police to evict squatters from vacant properties. However, this does little to solve the underlying problem: there simply aren’t enough affordable housing options available for those who need them most.

Until something is done about this issue, it looks like abandoned homes will continue to be a common sight across Melbourne’s suburbs – leaving families like this one living next door to squatter’s dumping grounds and rat-infested ruins.

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