Panic rooms surging in popularity against Queensland crime wave


Security guard Wayne Henker has revealed demand for CCTV security cameras and even panic rooms are surging in popularity, as homeowners like Angelo Justus resort to desperate measures to protect their properties against Queensland’s rising crime wave.

Panic Rooms Witness Surge in Popularity amidst Queensland’s Crime Wave

As Queensland grapples with a concerning rise in crime rates, homeowners are turning to extreme measures to safeguard their properties. Security guard Wayne Henker has revealed that demand for CCTV security cameras and panic rooms is surging, reflecting the growing popularity of these security solutions amidst the state’s crime wave.

Homeowners across Queensland are resorting to desperate measures to protect their properties against rising crime rates. Security guard Wayne Henker, who has been closely monitoring the situation, highlights the surging demand for CCTV security systems and panic rooms as homeowners seek enhanced protection for their families and belongings.

Henker emphasizes that the increased demand for CCTV security cameras is driven by homeowners’ desire to deter criminals and capture evidence in case of any unlawful activities. These surveillance systems provide a sense of security and serve as a proactive measure against potential threats.

In addition to CCTV systems, panic rooms have gained significant popularity as a means of fortifying homes against intrusions. Panic rooms, also known as safe rooms, are specially designed spaces within a residence where occupants can seek refuge during emergencies or criminal incidents.

Homeowners view panic rooms as a last line of defense, providing them with a secure space to retreat to and seek help in case of a break-in or other dangerous situations. The surge in popularity of panic rooms reflects the heightened concerns about personal safety and the protection of property. As crimes escalate, homeowners are increasingly seeking peace of mind by investing in robust security measures.

 Queensland’s rising crime rates, particularly involving youth offenders, have left many residents feeling vulnerable and afraid. The need to protect one’s property and loved ones has become a top priority, leading to increased demand for security solutions such as panic rooms.

It is worth noting that panic rooms are just one aspect of a comprehensive approach to home security. The installation of high-quality locks, alarms, and reinforced doors and windows also play a crucial role in deterring criminals and safeguarding properties.

As homeowners take proactive steps to protect themselves against Queensland’s crime wave, the surge in demand for CCTV security cameras and panic rooms underscores the urgency felt by residents. These observations shed light on the lengths to which individuals are willing to go to ensure their safety in an uncertain environment.

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