Scam warning for Aussies close to Christmas

Christmas time is a busy time for all Aussies and unfortunately it is also a busy time for cyber criminals. Australians are being warned Christmas is prime time for scammers. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have shared their best tips on protecting your hard-earned money.

If you are expecting a parcel via the post and receive a text message or SMS telling you the parcel has been delayed do not click on the link. Unfortunately scammers have many devious ways to get their hands on your money this festive season so please be careful.

Beware of fake sms messages. One scam currently going around is a sms to parents apparently from their children. The sms says they have got a new phone number and the scammers ask the parents to pay some of their children’s bills.

Tips For Avoiding Cyber Scammers

  1. Never open suspicious emails. Delete them.
  2. Do not click on links in text messages and emails.
  3. Look for grammar or spelling mistakes. These are clues that an email may not be genuine.
  4. Never give credit card or bank details away
  5. Report any suspicious activity to scam watch.



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