Introducing GPT-4o

OpenAI Launches GPT-4o: A Leap in AI Capabilities

OpenAI GPT-4o OpenAI Spring Update – streamed live on Monday, May 13, Introducing GPT-4o, updates to ChatGPT, and OpenAI has unveiled its latest and most advanced AI model to date, GPT-4o, GPT-4 This new iteration represents…

Data reveals over 80 per cent of Australian use AI at work | 9 News Australia

Data reveals over 80 per cent of Australian use AI at work

  New data from LinkedIn and Microsoft has shown that 84 per cent of Australian workers are now using AI in the AI Revolution Hits the Workplace The modern workplace is undergoing a profound transformation as artificial intelligence…

Push to make SA the artificial intelligence state | 9 News Australia

Push to make SA the artificial intelligence state

Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly and now there’s a push to make South Australia the artificial intelligence AI Boom Looms for South Australia As South Australia positions itself at the forefront of Australia’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution, the…

New artificial intelligence rolling out in NSW schools | 7 News Australia

New Artificial Intelligence Rolling Out In NSW Schools

  A trial of artificial intelligence has been rolled out in 16 schools across the state to help The new chatbot, designed by the education department along with Microsoft, promises to change the future of Groundbreaking AI…

Elon Musk claims first wireless chip implanted in human brain | 9 News Australia

Elon Musk Claims First Wireless Chip Implanted In Human Brain

  Billionaire Elon Musk has claimed that the first human trial of his wireless chip brain implant has been successfully Neuralink’s Breakthrough: Human Implant Revolutionizes Brain Technology Neuralink, the brain technology company founded by Elon Musk, has recently…

Google chooses Adelaide business to build Chromebooks for students | 7 News Australia

Google Chooses Adelaide Business To Build Chromebooks For Students

  One of the world’s most powerful companies, Google, has chosen Adelaide as its hub to build laptops for Aussie The first of the locally made Chromebooks will be rolled out in SA as early as term

Apple surpasses Samsung in global smartphone sales | 7 News Australia

Apple surpasses Samsung In Global Smartphone Sales

  Apple is officially selling more phones than Samsung across the globe for the first time in 12 Apple Claims Victory: Surpasses Samsung in Smartphone Sales The smartphone market landscape has witnessed a notable shift with Apple dethroning…

Restaurant using AI opens in California

Restaurant Using AI Opens In California

  A restaurant in California promises new technology without sacrificing It’s using robots and AI technology to assist with The AI technology is capable of flipping burgers, crisping fries, and making the ordering process Robots can…

TikTok harvesting private information even without using the app | 7 News Australia

TikTok Harvesting Private Information Even Without Using The App

  It’s been revealed, TikTok is secretly harvesting people’s private information, even if they’ve never used the The platform’s tracking tool collects the data from some of Australia’s most visited TikTok’s Secret Tracking Tool Exposes Privacy Breach…

Tesla Cybertruck to hit roads as deliveries begin

Tesla Cybertruck to hit roads as deliveries begin

  Some Tesla Cybertrucks are being delivered to buyers this week, four years after the first announcement of the vehicle in Andrew Hawkins, transportation editor at the Verge, joined CBS News to talk about how the market for…