New QLD laws bar under 18s from buying knives and gel blasters


Under 18s in Queensland are to be barred from buying knives and replica weapons, including gel blasters.

New QLD Laws Restrict Under 18s from Buying Knives and Gel Blasters

In a bid to curb youth crime, the Queensland government has announced new laws barring individuals under the age of 18 from purchasing knives, other bladed items, and replica weapons, including gel blasters.

The proposed legislation will restrict the sale of a wide range of items, including knives, machetes, axes, swords, and gel blasters. This move is part of the state’s response to the rising concerns over youth crime and the misuse of these items.

Gel blasters, also known as gel guns or hydro blasters, are toy firearms that shoot water bead pellets. While they are considered toys in Queensland, there are restrictions on their sale to other states. The new law would make Queensland the first state in Australia to ban the sale of gel blasters to minors.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said the new laws are intended to protect young people and the broader community. “It will become an offence to sell these items to individuals under the age of 18,” he explained. This underlines the government’s commitment to tackling youth crime and ensuring public safety.

However, the proposed laws have raised questions about their scope and implementation. Some are wondering if this is a flat-out ban or if there will be exceptions under certain circumstances. As of now, the specifics of the law are still being finalized.

Critics of the new laws argue that they may not effectively address the root causes of youth crime. They suggest focusing on preventative measures, such as investing in education, social services, and rehabilitation programs for young offenders.

Nonetheless, the introduction of these laws signals a significant shift in Queensland’s approach to youth crime. The focus on restricting access to potential weapons underlines the seriousness of the issue and the government’s commitment to finding solutions.

This move by the Queensland government is a clear response to public concern over youth crime. It reflects an understanding that, while not a complete solution, restricting access to weapons can be a part of a broader strategy to address this complex issue.

As the new laws are rolled out, their impact on youth crime rates will be closely monitored. The hope is that these measures, combined with other initiatives, will contribute to a safer and more secure Queensland.

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