‘Six the Musical’ launches at QPAC in Brisbane

They’re the six wives of King Henry VIII, and they’re back with a vengeance.

‘Six the Musical’ has opened at QPAC, promising to dazzle audiences with its unique take on history.

Three of the stars hail from Brisbane, with their famous characters based on the current divas we know so well like Beyoncé, Pink and even Adele.

“We all get a moment to share that spotlight and to stand, as we like to say, linked not ranked.” – Chelsea Dawson, Catherine ‘The Fifth Wife’.

Original Creative Team

Created by Toby Marlow & Lucy Moss
Directors Lucy Moss & Jamie Armitage
Choreographer Carrie-Anne Ingrouille
Set Designer Emma Bailey
Costume Designer Gabriella Slade
Lighting Designer Tim Deiling
Sound Designer Paul Gatehouse
Orchestrator Tom Curran
Musical Supervisor Joe Beighton


Aragon Phoenix Jackson Mendoza
Boleyn Kala Gare
Seymour Loren Hunter
Cleves Kiana Daniele
Howard Chelsea Dawson
Parr Vidya Makan

Dance Captain/Swing Chiara Assetta
Swing Madeline Fansler
Swing Karis Oka
Swing Shannen Alyce Quan
Resident Choreographer/Alternate Swing Cristina D’Agostino

Discussing How Cast Members Interact with Each Other in Six The Muscial

The popular musical Six has been captivating audiences since its debut in 2018. With its witty lyrics, catchy melodies and talented cast, the show has become an instant hit. One of the things that makes Six so interesting is the way that the six wives of Henry VIII interact with each other on stage.

The relationship between the wives is a complicated one. They are all fiercely competitive for Henry’s attention and affection, yet they also form a strong bond as they come to terms with their shared situation. This dynamic creates an interesting dynamic on stage as the wives interact with each other in different ways.

For example, Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon have a particularly volatile relationship due to their rivalry for Henry’s affections. On stage, this is expressed through sharp dialogue and intense vocal performances that showcase the animosity between them. Other interactions between them are more playful in nature such as when Anne Boleyn slyly teases Catherine about her Spanish heritage or when she mocks her attempts to win back Henry’s love through song.

The other relationships between the wives are also complex and varied depending on who they are interacting with at any given moment. Jane Seymour and Anne of Cleves share a sisterly bond due to both being divorced from Henry before their respective marriages ended; while Catherine Parr gets along with most of her co-wives except for Anne Boleyn who she views as a rival for power over him rather than just his affections.

During group numbers such as “Ex-Wives” or “Haus Of Holbein”, these relationships become even more apparent as they sing together while simultaneously displaying their individual personalities and motivations through subtle body language and facial expressions. It is clear that there is tension between them yet at the same time there is an underlying sense of solidarity due to their shared situation which adds another layer of complexity to their interactions onstage .

Overall, it is clear that Six: The Musical features some incredibly dynamic interactions between its cast members which helps make it such an entertaining show to watch live or on screen . The way that these characters interact with each other onstage captures both the rivalry and camaraderie inherent in any group setting; making it both emotionally engaging for viewers but also very entertaining .

See More: https://www.qpac.com.au/event/sixthemusical_22

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